Plays for ESL/EAP

Plays for ESL/EAP

We're very excited to announce the launch of our new series of classroom plays, Coast to Coast.

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Coast to Coast is a series of short plays written specifically for Adult English Language Learners in the EAP/ESL classroom.

The language is mature in content, yet accessible to new learners with the purpose of providing learners the experience of using authentic language through dramatic performance. Because each play is set in a different Canadian location, learners can explore cultural and geographical aspects unique to Canada as they increase their language proficiency. Each book contains an original 10-15 minute play intended for adults in the ESL/EAP classroom, appropriate for the intermediate language learner. It includes notes and background for the teacher, as well as creative language learning related classroom activities for the student. The benefits of learning language through drama are numerous, as reflected in current research on language acquisition. Most important and also reflected in contemporary pedagogical research, drama offers instructors a creative teaching opportunity to instill confidence through a student-centered learning approach.

Fourth book, coming soon - inspired by the EAST COAST!

Acting up in the classroom - Flowerpot Island

Flowerpot Island

Flowerpot Island is the story of three friends setting off on a weekend away in Ontario’s cottage country. They soon meet a cast of interesting characters and shenanigans and mystery ensue. 

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Acting up in the classroom - Salish Sea

Salish Sea

Salish Sea is the story of four friends from the University of Victoria heading out on a research trip. They meet a few quirky locals on the way, and discover more than they had set out to find. 

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Acting up in the classroom - Mont Sainte-Anne

Mont Sainte-Anne

Mont Sainte-Anne is the story of three friends who meet in Québec City excited to explore. They settle on a fun-filled weekend of downhill skiing in the Laurentian Mountains, where they fall in love with the experience and more!

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Acting up in the classroom - Michele Muller

Michele J. Muller

Michele J. MullerCoast to Coast co-author and college professor. Michele teaches drama for EAP and may be heard saying, "I try to live simply, but drama keeps following me around" (anon).

Acting up in the classroom - Laura DiTrolio

Laura G. DiTrolio

Laura G. DiTrolioCoast to Coast co-author and college professor. Laura has always had a passion and love for the theatre and can be caught performing on stage herself. 

Kirsten Osterback

Kirsten P. Osterback: Coast to Coast illustrator and visual arts teacher. Kirsten has a love for the arts and treasures being surrounded by passionate and creative individuals.

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